Become an Ambassador

Attention NEXT Enthusiasts

Do you have a passion for NEXT.chain? Are you a skilled and articulate writer who can command an audience? Are you making your own successful investments? Would you like to help others get involved in the future of money and finance?

If you answered yes to all of the above, Next.chain could have an incredibly exciting opportunity for you. Right now, one of the biggest challenges companies who want to work with blockchain technology are facing, is finding the right people to do the job. Fortunately, we love challenges and we love recruiting!

We are seeking skilled content creators and community leaders capable of seeing the big picture and sharing our vision for our project. Someone able to help us promote, develop and grow as we take steps towards becoming industry leaders! This is an opportunity for the right person to get in at the ‘ground level’ after much of the heavy lifting has already been done, and help us show the world the real future of money!

We’re looking for:


Do you have a Youtube channel, blog about cryptocurrencies, digital security, finances, investing, or technologies? We are looking for influencers, content creators, and crypto community leaders who see the future the same way that we do and align with our mission of providing a unique and powerful blockchain that can handle instant transactions with lightning speeds and that can power the complete NEXT ecosystem. You have a great opportunity to create interesting content and earn at the same time.


NEXT users who are familiar with our project offering and want to contribute to our overall growth.


Coins that align with our brand values and want to share the future of money with their communities.


We go out of our way to give you the tools you need to maximize your success. From content recommendations to tracking software, performance reports, and banners, everything you could possibly need to thrive as a NEXT.chain partner is just an email away.

Join today to receive:

  • Attractive commissions in crypto
  • Direct access to NEXT team
  • Early access to NEXT news
  • Earn up to 30% of NEXT’s commission on ALL of your referral’s purchases
  • Get paid the way you want to with our multi-currency payouts. Options include NEXT coin, USD, EUR, or ETH. You decide!
  • Earn on your referral’s purchases for a LIFETIME, including all their future purchases
  • Earn with NO LIMITATIONS! The more customers you refer, the more you earn
  • For other cryptocurrency projects, we offer free listing on our exchange

When you back the right project, the possibilities are limitless.

If you love crypto-currency and want to become an influential member of the future, then apply today and tell us what you can bring to the table!


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