What is NEXT masternode and why you should get one!

NEXT is a platform with its own decentralized blockchain and a myriad of exciting features that makes this project unique. You can use our blockchain for transactions, to create assets, raise funds for crypto projects (Launchpad), trade on NEXT Dex (NextSwap), or use Next Centralized exchange, with its FIAT gateway, all under one roof!

In short, NEXT offers everything from shoes to hats to fit your tastes. In order for those services to run on a chain, they require masternodes.

They approve data to prevent it from being infringed or changed. Masternodes on NEXT.chain, effectively act the same way as miners do on Bitcoin or the Ethereum network, but instead of mining hardware, you only need 25 000 NEXT coins to run a masternode!

Masternode holders enjoy perks like daily NEXT coin rewards, independent Telegram chat, and a higher level of influence over team decisions. The current APR for Masternode holders is ~14% and in the future, this number will increase as NEXT moves from hybrid Masternode/Mining to an eco-friendlier Masternode only chain.

Finally, every project, especially ones with major goals and ideas, requires time to build and grow, therefore support from the community is far more important than it would be in other circumstances. Running a masternode is not only a privilege, it also comes with a wider responsibility; a responsibility we value.

Remember, in crypto space whales aren’t born, they are made!

Join our Masternode network to receive NEXT for securing our Blockchain and processing transactions

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